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Dadim Latex package

This latex packages provides the chinese character 大 and the decision operator in latex.


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Makefile 4.0K 2004-Mar-23 ASCII make commands text 164K 2004-Mar-23 PostScript document text conforming at level 2.0
da4la.tex 4.0K 2004-Mar-23 LaTeX document
da4la.tgz 72K 2005-Jan-21 gzip compressed data, from Unix 4.0K 2004-Feb-23 Meta font definition
dadim.sty 4.0K 2004-Dec-28 ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators
dadim11.2602gf 4.0K 2004-May-27 TeX generic font data 4.0K 2004-Feb-15 Meta font definition
Created on 2006-Mar-05
Stefan Dirnstorfer