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What is Tibi

Tibi is an Open Source handwriting recognition system focused on Chinese charateres. Tibi is an intended frontend to Chinese dictionaries that speeds up character look up. Further possible applications are hand held devices without a keyboard and the entry of characters without input method, such as chinese radicals or pictographs.

Tibi is an online character recognition system. It uses the stroke order and the stroke direction to determine which character a user has entered. If for instance three strokes are drawn on top of each other a "三" would be recognized, although its visual appearance is indistinguishable from "一". Permutations in stroke order and errors in stroke directions are checked if a character is written clearly and with pen up after every stroke. With correct stroke orders cursive writings is recognized in many cases.

Current features

  • Tibi is Open Source Software and freely distributable
  • Tibi is designed to recognize quickly written characters, aka cursive writing
  • Tibi detects incorrect stroke direction
  • Tibi currently distinguishes around 1000 basic Chinese characters,
    among which are the most trickiest, such as 由-田-甲-毌-毋-母 or 文-攵-久-夕-父.

Missing and planed features

  • Around 14000 more characters
  • Check for permutations in stroke order (currently disabled due to speed issues)
  • Major speed improvements
  • Integration with cedict, and other software
  • Suggest the most common complete characters while the user is writing
  • Integration of phonetic input, in case of 提笔忘字
  • Teaching tool for incorrectly entered stroke orders