Buch 5 - The book of portraits

A little boy makes monkey moves.
At Whilson's Prom I hung out for a few days with a family musicing all day. They were good fun. Even while washing the dishes them banging mugs and plates proofed their sense of rythm.
Nicole was playing the flute and wore a t-shirt demanding: "Say no to drums". I asked myself, if it had a relation to her older sister being in love with a drumer?
At first I already imagined I just widnessed a scene of utmost violence among plants. The tree from the right seemed to grow over and choke the left one to death. After inspecting more seriously if found the small tree already dead and its stem supporting the big tree.
The most famous rock of Whilson's Prom. Every Melbournese will recorgnize its shape.
This is the buttocks of a fat lady. A copied her from an uncensored art piece in the national gallery in Dresden. Naked statue standing in a hall. Who draws her hair? Who tests her breasts?

I added colours
to the portrait of yours.
Now I am sure,
if you did not before,
will want this to trade
for something you made.
One page with fun
and the deal's done.

Always refuse to draw a portrait of your girl friend. If you can't refuse, make sure you make her 100% more beautyful. If you cant't make that sure, prepare for some troubles...
This is my friend. I made this portrait because I wanted to impress her.
V&A Museum in London. I was attracted by an arts exhibition on Asian and European influences in the past thoused years.
Sometimes it is the weirdes places where you meet friends. Sometimes you might even draw them in a cafe in Stockholm and not ever recorgnize while your own image.
What do you think a real Swedish man looks like. You don't know? Then you might consider a trip to the national museum in Stockholm.
A mother protecting her chlidren. I copied that picture from an Ukranian artist who displayed this piece called "Stereotype" in Berlin.